Corporate Identity



We have extensive experience in designing corporate identity and we have talented designers to create a solution for you that will be aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching and easy to remember. And that means that your company will have a stronger voice and an impressive image.



The areas we work in include:

  • Logo design
  • Development of custom fonts
  • Selection of corporate colors
  • Letterhead and envelope design

Our projects invariably start with research of your business, you industry, competition and target audience — these are the factors that we take into account when proposing various design ideas for you to choose from. We design with brand recognition in mind while our extensive research will make sure your brand will be both unique and appealing for the target audience.

Whatever the scope of your project is, we will make sure that your new corporate identity will not only be appealing and impressive but will also comply with cultural and demographic specifics of your target audience.

Besides, we can accompany final creative solutions with detailed corporate identity guidelines for you to be able to build new products.


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